Common Colorado Insurance Claims for Fall

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The arrival of Fall brings cooler days and a collective excitement for the upcoming holidays. Unfortunately, the drop in temperature and festive hustle-and-bustle can also result in an increase in certain types of insurance claims. Knowing the most common types of insurance claims filed in the fall can help you protect yourself against seasonal risks. 

Top 4 Fall Insurance Claims in Colorado

1. Water Damage

Water damage from freezing pipes is one of the most common insurance claims filed in colder weather. Inspect your plumbing system and irrigation system for signs of damage and make repairs as soon as possible. Take steps to insulate exposed pipes and reduce the risk of cracking from ice.  

2. Fire Damage

Colder temperatures cause a shift in our habits that can act as a potential fire hazard. Lighting the fireplace or a few scented candles may seem innocuous, but these comforts do pose a risk in certain situations. You will want to be sure to have your chimney inspected and cleaned before you begin using it for the season; and never leave candles burning without being present. 

Many of us also tend to cook and bake quite a bit more in the fall and winter. When you fire up the oven, keep in mind that nearly half of all home fires start in the kitchen. Try not to leave boiling or simmering pots unattended. Even if something is going to take a while, like your Thanksgiving turkey, never leave the house while something is actively cooking. 

3. Parking Lot Car Accidents

Most of us know to brace ourselves for the mall parking lot during the winter months, but you will want to take extra caution during the fall as well. A recent survey found that nearly 37 percent of individuals begin their holiday shopping between the months of August and September. That means there will be quite a few more vehicles and pedestrians in the parking lots, increasing the risk of a potential accident.

Drive slowly in the parking lot and try to yield whenever you see reverse lights. If the weather is particularly bad, it is best to postpone your shopping for another day. Reduced visibility and a crowded parking lot are a recipe for disaster. 

4. Road Accidents

It is not just the parking lots that pose a risk to drivers. In Colorado, we can have our first snowfall as early as September. Make sure your car is properly winterized before then to avoid accidents caused by ice and snow:

  • Top off brake fluid and antifreeze
  • Replace windshield wipers and fluid
  • Change the oil
  • Check tire pressure and add more air according to your manufacturer’s instructions
  • Check your tire treads and replace them if they are worn (or switch to snow tires)

In addition to ice and snow, fall is a very active time for animals, who are preparing for the cold winter by searching for food and a suitable shelter. Fall and winter are also mating seasons for certain animals, like elk. Keep an eye out for these animals when you are on the road, especially in the early morning (5 am to 8 am) and early evening (5 pm to 8 pm). If you are driving at night, turn on your brights whenever there is no oncoming traffic.

Help Filing an Insurance Claim in Colorado

If you do find yourself needing to file an insurance claim in Colorado this fall, it should go as smoothly as possible. Your insurance carrier has a duty to you, the policyholder, to process your claim quickly and fairly. If you are having any difficulties with your claim, contact David Roth with The Roth Group. Dave has assisted hundreds of policyholders who have encountered unfair obstacles during the claims process. Call or go online today to schedule a free consultation. 


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