Accident Reconstruction in Your Personal Injury Claim

Car accident investigation

Car accidents happen. In many cases, you exchange insurance information in good faith with the other driver or drivers, and let the adjusters do the rest. In other cases, however, things can get complicated quickly. Liability may not be clear, with both parties asserting their innocence.  In such cases, an accident reconstruction specialist can help clarify matters. These are expert witnesses whose testimony can offer scientific backing to claims of negligence. 

What Do Accident Reconstruction Experts Do?

Accident reconstruction experts are highly trained professionals with expertise in engineering, physics, and investigation. They specialize in analyzing and reconstructing the circumstances of a car accident to determine its cause and contributing factors as accurately as possible. These experts utilize a combination of scientific principles, mathematical calculations, and the analysis of physical evidence to recreate the accident scene to help determine liability.

Accident Reconstruction in an Auto Injury Case

The testimony of an accident reconstruction expert can help support or refute statements made in court regarding the collision. For example, if someone is claiming that you were solely responsible for the accident and you know you were not, accident reconstruction reports can prove you were not at fault. On the other hand, if you are seeking compensation for injuries and property damage, accident reconstruction testimony can demonstrate the degree of negligence by the other party. 

There are several ways in which an accident reconstruction expert might evaluate your case. It is usually a combination of one or more of the following: 

Establishing the Sequence of Events:

Accident reconstruction experts meticulously examine all available evidence to create a timeline of events that led up to the accident. Among other things, they may analyze police reports, witness statements, photographs, and traffic cameras to gauge the timing of the crash. This sets a scene that will be the backdrop for all claims made regarding the collision. For example, the credibility of a defendant may be called into question if they provided details that are in contrast to the accident reconstruction report. 

Determining Vehicle Speeds and Directions:

One of the essential aspects of accident reconstruction is calculating the speeds and directions of the vehicles involved. This information helps in understanding whether any driver was speeding, braking, or making sudden maneuvers, which can be critical in assigning fault. 

Again, the expert will gather this information in a variety of ways. Police reports and traffic cams are often enough to determine if a traffic violation, such as running a red light, caused the accident. 

Assessing Impact Forces:

Accident reconstruction also involves the use of physics and engineering principles to calculate the force of impact of the collision. This may be helpful in determining the nature and extent of an injury. In conjunction with a medical doctor’s opinion, the accident reconstruction expert can offer mathematical data to show just how hard the vehicle was hit, and how this could translate to severe injuries. 

Identifying All Contributing Factors:

In many cases, more than one factor may have contributed to the accident. There may be more than one driver involved. Or, the crash may have been due to a combination of driver error and the fault of another entity. If a traffic light was out, for example, or there were hazardous road conditions, the driver may not be solely responsible for the accident. 

Accident reconstruction can also determine if a mechanical failure caused the accident. This evidence can be used in support of a product liability claim and prove that a driver was not directly liable for an accident. 

Do You Need Accident Reconstruction for Your Case?

In many cases, the involvement of accident reconstruction experts can help streamline the legal and claims processes. Your personal injury lawyer will help you determine if consulting with an accident reconstruction specialist could benefit your case. 

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