Dangers of Brake Checking

foot stepping on brake in a car

Brake checking, a maneuver where a driver suddenly slows down or slams on their brakes to intimidate or retaliate against another driver, is a dangerous behavior that can have severe consequences on the road. While it may seem like a valid form of expressing frustration, brake checking often leads to accidents, injuries, and legal complications.  What is Brake Checking? Brake checking occurs when a driver abruptly slows down or stops their vehicle, typically in response to feeling tailgated, cut off, or otherwise provoked by another driver. This action is often done intentionally as a way to force the trailing vehicle to react...

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Why Highway Hypnosis Can Cause Accidents

hand on steering wheel with long stretch of road in front

Driving can be a mundane activity, but it is also one that requires constant attention and focus. Nonetheless, many of us have experienced a time or two where our minds wandered–perhaps to the point where we were not even consciously driving anymore. This phenomenon, known as “highway hypnosis,” is quite common, especially among truck drivers who spend extended periods on the road. But highway hypnosis can lead to serious consequences, especially if it involves a 60,000 lb trailer truck.  What is Highway Hypnosis? Highway hypnosis, also referred to as "white line fever" or "driving without awareness," is an altered mental state that...

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Determining Fault in Lane Change Accidents

hand on steering wheel reaching for turn signal

Lane change accidents are a common occurrence on roads and highways, often resulting in serious consequences for those involved. Unfortunately, determining fault in a lane change accident is not always easy. A qualified accident attorney can help you seek compensation in the event your accident was caused by full or partial negligence.  Causes of Lane Change Accidents As the name suggests, lane change accidents occur when a vehicle or vehicles attempt to change lanes on a road and either collide with another car or force another driver off the road. Most often, this results in a type of collision known as a...

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