Truck Blind Spots

checking mirror for truck blind spots

Commercial trucks are an essential part of our transportation system, carrying goods across vast distances in record time. Because of their size and height, many drivers mistakenly think that truck drivers have enhanced visibility of the cars around them. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. It is important for both truck drivers and everyone else to understand where truck blind spots are to avoid accidents related to them. 

Truck Blind Spots, aka The “No Zone Areas”

Semi-truck blind spots are also called “no zones.” The no zones are areas around trucks where cars become invisible to the truck driver. These zones can be quite large, extending up to thirty feet behind the vehicle and along its entire length. Additionally, there are blind spots directly in front of the truck and immediately behind the side mirrors.

diagram showing truck blind spots

As we can see here, the truck no zones cover an extensive area. Keep this graphic in mind when sharing the road with trailer trucks. 

Tips for Staying Out of Semi Truck Blind Spots

The exact blind spots on a truck will depend on its design and size. You will not always be able to stay out of a truck’s blind spot, but you can mitigate the risk of an accident be taking a few precautions: 

No Sides Rule

In general avoid lingering along either side of the truck as these areas constitute the largest blind spots. Pass quickly and safely, and only on the left. 

Signal Ahead

Use turn signals early and clearly when changing lanes or making turns to alert truck drivers of your intentions. 

Maintain Speed When Merging

If you are passing a truck, do not slow down once you have merged in front of it. Maintain adequate speed to avoid the truck blind spot that extends 20 feet in front of the cab. You also do not want the truck to have to slam on the brakes in order to accommodate you slowing down suddenly in front of them. 

Give More Room

Stay far enough behind a truck to ensure the driver can see your vehicle in their mirrors. Remember, this is much farther back than you would need to be behind a regular vehicle (30 feet). Likewise, be aware of trucks behind you and give them ample time to slow down or brake. 

Mirror Rule

When in doubt, keep the following in mind: if you cannot see the truck driver’s mirrors, the driver cannot see you. 

What To Do If You Are In A Truck Blind Spot Accident

Truck drivers are expected to check their blind spots constantly, even triple checking before changing lanes. That being said, accidents can and do happen. Determining liability in any type of trucking accident can be complicated, and blind spot collisions are no exception. More than one party is usually involved and, in some cases, the driver who was struck may be partially to blame. 

If a driver passed a truck illegally, for example, the truck driver may not be fully responsible for the accident. Or, if the smaller vehicle engaged in aggressive behavior, such as brake checking or tailgating, he or she may be partially to blame. 

Because of the nuances and severe injuries often associated with truck accidents, it is recommended that you consult with a practiced personal injury attorney. He or she can help you determine liability and pursue compensation for your injuries and other damages related to the accident.  

Comparative Negligence in Trucking Accidents

Colorado’s comparative negligence laws allow for damages to be pursued even if the injured driver was partially to blame for the accident. This is different from contributory negligence, which prevents any sort of settlement if the injured party is found at fault in any way. 

Keep in mind that comparative negligence applies only when the injured party’s liability is found to be equal to or less than the other driver. In other words, you cannot pursue any damages if it is determined that you were 51 percent or more responsible for the crash. 

Truck Accident Attorney Colorado

If you were in a truck blind spot accident in Colorado, please contact the attorneys at The Roth Group. We are a highly skilled and compassionate personal injury law firm that specializes in truck accidents, which are notoriously complex. Call or go online today to schedule your free evaluation to see how we can help you.