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Public Adjuster vs Attorney for Property Damage Claims

If you have recently received a settlement offer from your insurance carrier that seems far too low to cover the cost of repairs, it may be time to hire a public adjuster for your property damage claim. In an ideal world, insurance companies exist to give policy holders peace-of-mind during unforeseen events. If you experience property damage, for example, your homeowner’s insurance should work with you to cover as much of the repairs as your policy will allow. Unfortunately, there are instances when insurance companies attempt to settle at far lower amounts than are truly needed to cover the cost of repairs....

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Top 5 Reasons Insurance Companies Deny Roofing Claims

removing shingles on a roof

Top 5 Reasons Insurance Companies Deny Roofing Claims Roofing repairs and replacement fall under homeowner's insurance, which can vary significantly depending on individual companies and policies. For example, some comprehensive policies may include hail damage coverage, while others require that you select and pay for this coverage separately. In any case, you will want to review your policy thoroughly before undertaking any roofing repairs or a replacement. There are several instances where a new roof or more extensive repairs may not be covered, and the last thing you want is to be stuck with a massive bill because you didn't read the...

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