Understanding Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Policyholders pay insurance premiums under the impression that they will be reasonably assisted in the event they need to file a claim. They expect adequate coverage to pay for damages, and they assume they will be protected from any claims made against them by other individuals. In most cases, this is true. Insurance companies act in good faith, making reasonable pay-outs and negotiating in their policyholders best interests. Unfortunately, the opposite also happens. An insurance company may deny a claim without just cause, fail to communicate important matters, or offer a settlement that is far too low.  What is a Bad Faith...

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How to Prepare for Winter Driving in Colorado

driving in snow

Colorado is famous for its snow. The mountains draw thousands of winter sport enthusiasts every year, and the Rockies are the subject of movies, books, and music. Without a doubt, wintertime in Colorado is beautiful and fun. What you probably won't hear about in songs is the hazardous driving or the seemingly unending traffic that occurs during the winter months in Colorado. Snow is difficult to drive in, regardless of experience. Even Colorado natives find themselves gripping the steering wheel every now and then. That being said, accidents can and do happen. However, there are steps you can take to prepare your...

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Top 5 Reasons Insurance Companies Deny Roofing Claims

removing shingles on a roof

Top 5 Reasons Insurance Companies Deny Roofing Claims Roofing repairs and replacement fall under homeowner's insurance, which can vary significantly depending on individual companies and policies. For example, some comprehensive policies may include hail damage coverage, while others require that you select and pay for this coverage separately. In any case, you will want to review your policy thoroughly before undertaking any roofing repairs or a replacement. There are several instances where a new roof or more extensive repairs may not be covered, and the last thing you want is to be stuck with a massive bill because you didn't read the...

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