Best Ways to Prevent House Fires

smoke surrounding smoke detector

If you have suffered a house fire in the past, your first thoughts as you rebuild or restore your home may be on how to keep it from happening again. While not all circumstances that cause fires are preventable, you can certainly take steps to ensure your home is as protected as possible.  Identify Potential Fire Hazards in Your Home Aside from obvious dangers, like unattended candles, cigarettes, and cooking, there are other potential fire hazards in your home that you may not have considered: Unattended hair styling devices, like curling irons and flatirons Teach all members of the household to triple check that...

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How Does Smoke Restoration Work?

smoke and soot on a white ceiling

Much of the attention after a fire is given to structural damage from burning within the home. Smoke damage, however, can be just as devastating. In addition to cosmetic issues, such as yellowing, tarnish, and etching, smoke damage can pose a significant health risk.  What Is Smoke Damage? Smoke damage includes any physical damage to the home that was not caused by the fire itself. It can be broken up into five categories, based on the type and source of the smoke. Complex Smoke Damage This type of damage results in a greasy yellow residue that results from the corrosion of natural and synthetic...

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What Does a Homeowners Fire Policy Cover?

insurance policy forms on laptop with coffee

     Whether you are recovering from a recent fire or looking to insure your next home, it is imperative to understand the details of a homeowners insurance fire policy. Knowing what is and is not covered can help you prepare and decide what additional coverage you may need to purchase.       Being familiar with your policy will also help you file the most accurate claim possible, and will serve you well in the event that you need to appeal a decision. What is Covered for Fire Damage?   Standard homeowners fire policies typically cover three areas      1. Dwelling      Smoke...

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