Semi Truck Underride Accidents

Underride collisions are some of the most deadly forms of trucking accidents. 

 The severity of the injuries are equivalent to the impact speed. 

What Are Semi Truck Underride Accidents?

Semi truck underride accident occur when a smaller vehicle rear ends the trailer of a semi truck.

What Are Semi Truck Underride Accidents?

The front of the smaller car slides underneath the trailer of the semi truck stopping only when the cab of the car makes contact.

Why Are Underride Accidents So Serious?

In a typical accident, the front of the car takes the brunt of the damage, with the bumper offering additional absorption from the shock of impact.

Why Are Underride Accidents So Serious?

In an underride accident the force of impact is taken entirely by the cab of the car, which is where the driver and passenger are located.

Why Are Underride Accidents So Serious?

Underride accidents tend to be much more severe. The risk of death in the form of particularly grisly injuries (like decapitation) are much more common.

What Causes Underride Accidents?

Underride accidents can be caused by a number of circumstances. Distracted driving may play a part in the rear driver, who brakes too late or not at all.

What Vehicles Are Most Susceptible To An Underride Accident?

Economy and sports cars with lower fronts are most likely to get wedged under the trailer of a truck in an underride accident.

Preventing Underride Accidents

Because underride accidents are so dangerous, the Code of Federal Regulations has taken steps to help prevent them.

Preventing Underride Accidents

Trailers manufactured after 1998 and weighing 10,000+ pounds are required to equip rear impact guards or underride bars. 

Preventing Underride Accidents

In addition to structural enhancements, you as a driver can follow certain safety protocols to avoid being involved in an underride accident


Never drive intoxicated

Avoid looking at or talking on your phone while driving

Do not drive drowsy

Do not follow a truck too closely

Do not drive in extreme weather


If visibility is poor, pull over until the cause is removed

Utilize your lights appropriately

If a truck is driving erratically, pull over and wait for them to get well ahead of you.

Can You Sue A Trucking Company For An Underride Accident?

If your truck accident was caused due to the negligence of the truck driver, company, or manufacturer, you may have grounds to pursue legal action.

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