What Does A Homeowners Fire Policy Cover?

It is imperative to understand the details of a homeowners insurance fire policy because... 

It will help you prepare and decide what additional coverage you need to purchase.

 It will help you file the most accurate claim possible

 It will help you to appeal a decision if need be

Standard homeowners fire policies typically cover three areas


-Personal Property

-Detached Structures


Smoke and fire damage to your home and surrounding structures should be covered under a standard policy

may also help cover living expenses, should your home be uninhabitable


Sheds, fences, detached garages, and other areas that are not directly attached to the home may also be covered

Most insurance policies will pay to replace damaged landscaping

Detached Structures

Insurance should cover damaged or destroyed personal belongings including:






Personal Property

It's a good idea to keep an updated inventory of personal belongings and their estimated replacement costs

Be as accurate as possible otherwise it can result in a denial of your claim.

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